Welcome to Hotel Papendal

“A warm welcome is always welcome”

Papendal is unique, with its lively, dynamic and energetic ambience.
Guests at Hotel Papendal can sense the presence of top Dutch sporting talent, although you don’t have to practise top-class sport in order to live the experience.

On arrival the expansive site with its woodlands and panoramic views feels like a breath of fresh air. All that space and greenery just on the doorstep! Hotel Papendal demonstrates the importance of light, air and space for a pleasant experience.

Papendal has something for everyone, and not just in the field of sport and recreation. Papendal likes to put in a top performance for its business guests, too, offering facilities for training courses, congresses and overnight accommodation.

The same high standards are offered to business groups getting together for team-building days or special events – and to all who fancy a weekend break or just want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sun.

Visit Papendal and experience our hospitality.

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